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one on one treatments


What happens during a Reiki treatment? 

Hands will be placed on or near your body in a series of positions, in the areas you need healing the most. This often includes positions such as the head, shoulders, the stomach, and feet. Other positions can be targeted based on your needs such as the back, legs, arms, and anywhere you may feel tension or pain. Each position will be held for three to 10 minutes depending on how much healing is required in each area. You may choose to have a hands-on treatment or with the hands close to the body, both ways are equally effective. You will remain fully clothed, with the exception of shoes.


How do Reiki treatments feel?

Treatments vary from person to person. Some may feel tingling sensations, warmth, see colors and images, others may feel a more emotional effect. A strong feeling of relaxation is predominant, all of which promote a sense of well-being and balance.


Reiki is essentially a stress reliever, it helps you release stored emotions, tension and stress. Focusing and calming the mind, it helps you understand your emotions and often brings to your awareness issues that need healing.


How much Reiki do I need?

This depends on each individual. Some people may only need one session whilst others may need three or more. From the first session you should feel the benefits of Reiki, however, a course of treatments can be more effective and beneficial. This is something to be discussed after your first session,


Reiki for all ages


Reiki can be of great benefit to people of all ages, including children who are often very aware of its subtle energies during a treatment. These sessions differ slightly to those for adults. Usually, a session with children will last for 20-30 minutes. Reiki can help children in many ways, such as reducing temper tantrums, anxiety, sleep problems, injuries and many other challenges.  

For teenagers’ Reiki can help with stress from exams, hormones, anxiety from bullying, relationship issues and other problems. Reiki equips you with the state of mind to control strong emotions and even help with the stress which comes with a buildup of work. 

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