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About Me

It is my pleasure to welcome you into my space.

So here is a little blurb about me. Born in England, I was drawn to an artistic career and worked successfully in the creative arts as a graphic designer and art director in the UK, Cyprus, and US. My restless spirit has led me to live in four countries, and eventually landed me in Greece. For the last 20 years, Greece has been my adopted homeland.

When my son was young, I was struggling with adjusting to life in a foreign country after leaving my career as a graphic designer behind. I felt very isolated and unrooted. This resulted in me falling into a deep depression for many years. I sought the holistic approach as conventional medicine for me was merely a mask to suppress the core reasons behind my dark times. I delved into books and began psychotherapy.

Throughout this journey, I was introduced to Reiki and had my first session with a practitioner, who suggested I learn it for myself. I had no idea that Reiki could be used as a self-care practice. So, this is where my Reiki story truly began. 


After taking Reiki level 1 in 2015, with my first Reiki Master Christina Palioudaki, I began my self-care practice and committed to the daily self-care treatment for 21 days. The effects were subtle and immediate. Friends and family commented on my positive emotional change. My sleep improved, my energy slowly increased and I realised I had the power within me to help myself. The magic of Reiki prompted me to complete my training of Reiki level 2 and my Master/Teacher training with Torsten H. Lange, the founder of The Reiki Science Academy in London. He is one of the most highly respected teachers in the UK, and teaches the original Japanese Reiki teachings.

My journey made me realise the importance of maintaining balance and finding ways to find peace and harmony. I coupled my Reiki personal practice, with movement through Pilates, Yoga and dance. My passion for art intensified and my need to express myself was translated in my ceramic creations. The process became another form of therapy for me, playing with mud and transforming it into designs that go in line with my path made my journey as a woman come full circle. Alongside this, I continued to feed my curiosity for all things esoteric, mystical, and spiritual. Seeking knowledge of and information in these realms is part of my DNA, and is never satiated.

In my opinion, the only way to truly understand the spirit of Reiki is to experience it for yourself.

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my philosophy

As an expression of my deep connection to nature and mother earth I create ceramics that are all organic shapes inspired by natural forms and the dance between light and dark. Playing with clay returns me to my childhood and is a process of catharsis for me.


I believe nature has a profound healing effect on our wellbeing. Anyone on a healing journey should begin there. Whether it's swimming in the sea, seeking the silence of the mountains, hearing the rustling of trees in the wind, pottering in your garden, connecting with animals or the touch of a hand. Connecting with nature is the simplest path to wellbeing and free for all to experience. We all have an innate knowing and can be guided by our intuition to discover our true nature, connect inward integrating both our light and dark aspects and bloom from within. 

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