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holistic therapies



"Reiki is love,

Love is wholeness,

Wholeness is balance,

Balance is wellbeing,

Wellbeing is freedom from disease."

- Mikao Usui

The Founder of Reiki

the benefits of reiki

Increase energy

Relieve stress and anxiety

Promote feeling of calmness

Encourage emotional release

Eases pain and discomfort

Promotes mental clarity

Improves sleep

Increase rate of recovery from injury

Eases muscle tension

Enhances spiritual connection

what clients say

After I had my first Reiki session with Louise, I became curious about Reiki after experiencing the outcomes of the healing sessions that helped me with my depressive tendencies. I then decided to take my first and second Reiki training with Louise, who gave me a solid background of the practice and allowed me to experience the magic of Reiki. I am grateful for being introduced to Reiki by a kind soul, who is not only a great Reiki practitioner but also a strong example of growth and transformation. 

Nola Abboud

Light shadows1_edited.jpg

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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